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Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc.
There are a number of Family History Societies and Organisations. Here, I have chosen the organisation that acts for the individual societies as a whole. The link above lists these Societies; from this list you can choose the area you are interested in then link to the respective Societies.


National Library of Australia
The link above is a page from the National Library of Australia website. It provides a good access point to its State and Territory libraries together with a range of useful genealogy resources

Trove – Digitised newspapers and more
This is an important resource offered by the National Library of Australia. It provides online searching and access to images from newspapers across Australia.

Try it out using Lindsay Tulloch, a businessman in Tasmania at the turn of the century. Use the zoom function to increase the size of the text. You can then copy and paste the results.

New South Wales: Births, Marriages and Deaths: Online search
Our online records display limited information for records from 1788, and searching is free! After viewing search results, your option is to purchase a certificate and obtain all the information available. By supplying a registration number, you receive a discounted fee.

Our website uses the latest high security technology to protect your personal and financial details. Certificates ordered on-line are posted to Australian and International addresses by standard mail and do not incur a postage fee.

Queensland: Births, Marriages and Deaths: Online search
The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) classifies a historical life event as a birth that occurred more than 100 years ago, a death that occurred more than 30 years ago, or a marriage that took place more than 75 years ago.

Colonial Tasmanian: Births, Marriages and Deaths: Online search
The Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database is designed to provide an initial online genealogical research resource. It links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information about individuals is based primarily on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events, held in the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) and the linkages have been developed by family historians associated with the former National Heritage Foundation in the late 1990s. The database contains approximately five hundred

Western Australia: Births, Marriages and Deaths: Online search
The registry offers free online historic index searching of births, deaths and marriages from 1841. To search from the index select from the birth, death and marriage radio buttons below.

The more details you enter, the more filtered your search results. If you are unsure of spelling, try typing the first couple of letters of a name. For example, enter "math" if you don't know if you are looking for "Mathieson" or "Matheson".

Western Australia marriage index
I have found this to be a good resource. A simple search form, it does often provide the same information as the more formal vital records. Often worth a try. I like the layout.

Western Australia Metropolitan Cemeteries Board: online search
The database records contain details from the original funeral application. They don't provide any information regarding parents or next of kin. It become rather difficult when searching for a common given name. With that proviso, I do like this resource

World War 2 Nominal Roll: Australia
The World War Two Nominal Roll was created to honour and commemorate the men and women who served in Australia's defence forces and the Merchant Navy during this conflict.

This site contains information from the service records of some one million individuals who served during World War Two.

You may search for service record details by specifying name, service number, honours, place (of birth, of enlistment, or residential locality at enlistment). Once you find an individual service record you can print a certificate, if you wish.

Australian War Museum: Online search
This is on the page to search for people. It's records date from the Sudan conflict 1885 through the two world wars to the Iraq conflict 2003. In some cases it provides further information regarding the operation that resulted in their death. This is an excellent resource.

A brief history of Australia
An extensive series of local histories written by a that has developed into a World History encyclopedia. Written by a history graduate of Lancaster University. For the family historian wanting to find out more about a particular place, or time, this is a useful resource.

I have provided a direct link to the local area. However, should you wish to explore this resource, here is the link to the main page.

The Australian
This is the National Newspaper of Australia. I would suggest that you locate a local newspaper to help focus your search.