Royal British Columbia Vital Records Birth Search

As a Shetland stray I welcome the efforts made by Janice Halcrow to extract birth, marriage and death notices from Shetland newspapers. Unfortunately, due to the heavy workload involved Janice had to suspend further work but has now returned.

In 2010 I checked through all of the birth extracts and in most cases managed to identify the names of the sons or daughters. Some entries have led to an interesting journey to uncover the names, and in some cases a number of their growing family.

For this blog I will use the following extracts and record the process I used to extend this family. Two entries in the Shetland Newspaper Births for a daughter born in 1879 and another born in 1882 listed from British Columbia.

"At Nanaimo, British Columbia, on the 17th August, the wife of Mr WILLIAM BROWN, of a daughter. (Shetland Times 18/10/1879)

At Nanaimo, British Columbia, on the 27th February, Mrs WILLIAM BROWN, of a daughter. (Shetland Times 22/4/1882)"

Why would someone go to the expense of listing these birth notices in the Shetland times especially from the west of Canada? Again this resulted in an interesting journey with good help along the way.

1. Search British Comumbia Vital Records

I wanted to search the British Columbia Vital Records to see it I could find a match for the two daughters. I had their dates of birth and the location Nanaimo. A link to this online search is included at the end of this blog.

I chose the advanced search form and unticked all the options except for births. I then entered Brown in the surname; selected Female for gender; entered Nanaimo for the location; and finally entered the dates from 1879 to 1882.

This returned two records, both matched the dates of birth for the daughters. I now had their names, Margaret Jane Brown b. 17 Aug 1879 and Elizabeth Earl Brown b. 27 Feb 1882. Also the respective registration numbers should I wish or order a certificate.

2. Using to find parents names.

In the multi search form I entered the full name; Margaret Jane, then Brown. I select birth and then birthplace. Here I entered Nanaimo and the date 1879 to 1879. The result was excellent it gave William Brown and Margaret Manson as the parents. Also promising in that it might be two Shetlanders as the parents.

Now that I have the parents names I can search through the various census records for this period.

Link to the search resources used in this blog: