New Brunswick Canada - search for births, marriages and deaths.

This is an excellent online resource. The archives have nearly a million (birth, marriage, death) in their database. Many of the later entries have supporting images that help to determine if you are researching the correct family.

To support this blog I have searched on the Bayanne website to find a possible family. The most suitable I could find was for Mary Catherine Henry born 1883. In the image below I show the page from the Bayanne website.

Web page for Mary C. Henry

Most of the information is known, but I will use it to introduce the search facilities from the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. It can be located at

First, I will search for the marriage record, then go from there.

New Brunswick BDM Search

The search form is quite clear. First, I unticked the birth and death boxes indicating that I required a search of the marriage database. I already knew that she married in 1912, less than a year after her mother had died. I entered her name in the search form and the dates from 1900 to 1930.

New Brunswick Results page 1

The search produced one result for Mary Catherine Henry. Notice that there is a single link 'Details' in order to complete the search of the database.

New Brunswick Results page 2

The image above does give the necessary information since the spouse and date/place of marriage is already known. However, with this result there was also the option to view an image of the marriage certificate.

The marriage certificate is quite detailed and provides the names of both sets of parents. It also gives the names of the witnesses who happen to be the brides brother and her sister-in-law.

I then tried to fill in some of the other blanks shown in the first image of this blog. I chose to look for the birth and death of Beverley M. King. I knew his parents but had no luck using the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. So I turned to the ‘fall back’ position; go to

I put in his name and the names of his parents and obtained an excellent result.

Family search dot org - Marriage result

I then checked for any children for this marriage. No success using both search option i.e. New Brunswick and familysearch.

Finally, I searched for the death of Mary Catherine King using the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. All three, births, marriages and deaths use the same simple search form.

New Brunswick vital records - death search

When the search button is selected I am given the same initial result.

New Brunswick vital records - death - result 1

In this case I selected the link to Mary Catherine King.

This then gave me brief information regarding the death. However, I was also given the opportunity to view the actual death certificate. From this certificate I was able to obtain her date and place of birth; her parents names; the date and place of death; the cause of death; that she was a widow; and that her niece – Miss Mary Henry was the informant.

Links to the databases used in this blog: