Trove: Digitised newspapers and more

This is an important resource offered by the National Library of Australia. It provides online searching and access to images from newspapers across Australia.

I tried it out using Lindsay Tulloch, a businessman in Tasmania at the turn of the century. You can then copy and paste the results. Since this intial research I have been able to obtain useful material on a number of individuals.

Trove Search Form

Here I have shown the basic search form. You can see it cover articles, also Find an issue by title, by date and by State. There is also an advanced search under the Find and article. For this search I simply entered Lindsay Tulloch in the basic search form.

trove Results

There is a lot of information held about Lindsay Tulloch. You can see that there is a filter to refine your results by selecting certain newspapers. For example, the Launceston papers would provide more focus to this particular query.

Trove indsay Tulloch Obituary

If the text on the actual image is too small you can locate the zoom option at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, this will increase the size of the text. You will see from the image above that there is also a digital translation of the original entry.