New South Wales online births search

This is an excellent resource for those researching families in New South Wales. From the first page you are given the option between a search for a birth or death, OR a search for a marriage. These two options provide a different search form.

New South Wales Births Search Form

This is the search form that covers both births and deaths. You are required to check the radio button to indicate either a birth search or a death search. You are also required to enter a year in the 'From box'. If you choose to enter a 'To' notice the dates given above.

For this search I have entered Goudie, then the father's given name Alexander and the mother's name Mary. Knowing that they were married in the mid 1880's I have entered any results from 1885 to 1912. The results should given me any children born and registered in New South Wales.

New South Wales Births Search Results

The results of the search is shown above. This shows 11 Children born between 1886 and 1910. Also the four different districts. I am also given the first names of all the children together with the year in which they were born. Finally, I can see the Registration number that I can use should I wish to purchase a certificate.