Vancouver Island 1891 and 1901 Census Thomas Brown

The second part of this series using the online census databases provided by viHistory will carry out a further search on the 1891 census to see if Thomas Brown now heads his own family, then follow his family through to the 1901 census return.

viHistory Census Search

For this search I have enter in Brown, then William; then check to see that only the 1891 census is ticked.

viHistory 1891 Census Results 01

The first page of results has given those people with the name Thomas Brown. It also gives their age which is useful in this case; I know that my Thomas should be 24 and from Nanaimo. Here I am give two Thomas Browns, both 24 and both Nanaimo. The Stationary Engine Operator seems the best bet. However I checked out both. The one I suspected did turn out to be the correct one after checkin that he was born in Ontario.

To the extreme right of the image is the 'Family number'. In this case I click on number 98.

viHistory 1891 Census Results 02

The final page gives Thomas Brown with his wife Sarah. Also two children, one Jane Brown age 2 and the other Thomas Brown age 0 (under 1). I will now check the British Columbia Vital Records for confirmation of the marriage.

Checking 1901 census for Thomas Brown

For this search I just went back to the basic search form and ticked the census for 1891. I was given a list of Thomas Browns, my Thomas would be about 34, so I checked against that entry and it confirmed that he was born in Ontario.

viHistory 1891 Census Results 02

I have the correct result here since Jane Ellen Brown and Thomas (William) Brown fit by name and age. Totally unexpected is Clara Helen Brown age 32 who is stated as his wife. I will have to check if Sarah has died, also confirm the marriage both using the British Columbia Vital Records.

Reference: link to the viHistory website that provides these databases