Vancouver Island 1901 Census Margaret Brown

The third part of this series using the online census databases provided by viHistory will check the 1901 census to see if Margaret Brown is still head of the family. Isabel Brown, married Thomas Keith in 1894, therefore a further check of the 1901 census is made to see if she now has a family.

For this search I have enter in Brown, then Margaret; then checked to see that only the 1901 census is ticked.

viHistory 1901 Census Results 02

This is the second page of the results process. Here I can see that Margaret Brown is now aged 61; William Brown, now 30 is still with his mother together with his two younger sisters who were instrumental in starting the whole line of research.

However, (Barbara) Isabel Brown is no longer include in the census listing. A quick check of the British Columbia Vital Records, marriages between 1891 and 1901 shows that she married Thomas Keith on 14th July 1894 in Vancouver.

Checking 1901 census for Thomas Keith

For this search I just went back to the basic search form and change the name to Thomas Keith.

viHistory 1901 Census Results 02

The final result of the search showed that Thomas Keith, age 35 was a Weighing Clerk, then Isabella Keith with three children. The younger two fit, with ages and first names. However, there is a Lily Keith shown, certainly not one of Isabella's children.

Reference: link to the viHistory website that provides these databases