Using to do a reverse search for children details.

I already know the children who have been recorded in the 1881 and 1891 Vancouver Island census. I have also checked the birth registrations for the two children born in Nanaimo, British Columbia. For this search I want to see if I have all the children and possibly pick up some other information regarding marriages or deaths.

For this search I will take the link to multi purpose search form. For convenience, the link is given below. I will leave the first name empty but put Brown in against the surname. Next, I will select the births option, but leave the fields empty. Next, I will select the parents option and enter William Brown and Margaret Manson. This should return a list of results showing children born to parents with that name.

The results have produced to sets of parents with this combination of names. Luckily, it is easy to separate them. The parents who I will ignore have children who were born in Scotland. On a further glance through the results I can see the names of the children I am looking for. In the list below I will give the details of the children in the order the appear i.e. not necessarily in date order:

Margaret Jane Brown, b. 17 Aug 1879, British Columbia, Canada

William James Brown, b. 11 Mar 1871, Esquesing, Halton, Ontario. d. 17 Feb 1952, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Mary Agnes Brown, b. 9 Jan 1873, Esquesing, Halton, Ontario

James Brown, b. 30 Dec 1874, Nottawasaga, Halton, Ontario

Elizabeth Earl Brown, b. 27 Feb 1882, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Brown, b. 1880, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. m. 25 Feb 1903, British Columbia, Canada to George E Frost.

Comments on the above list:

There is no mention of Thomas Brown, the eldest son who was born in 1866. I did a separate query on the database to search for him. I entered Thomas Brown then selected the birth option and entered Hamilton and 1866 to 1866, then I entered William Brown for the parent.

The top two results referred to my Thomas Brown. The first records his marriage with his parents shown as William Brown and Margaret Brown and his spouse Sarah E Bramley; the date of the marriage 31 Dec 1887 in British Columbia, Canada. The records also show his death on 11 Nov 1943 in Essondale, British Columbia, Canada.

The above list shows Mary Agnes Brown and James Brown both born in Ontario. However, they are not listed in the 1881 Vancouver Island census along with the other children born in Ontario. It must be assumed that they died before the family move to British Columbia. This would have to be established by posting a look-up on the Ontario Message Board.

Finally, there is a repeat of a Margaret Brown at the end of the list. This is simply to record her marriage to George E. Frost. It is clear that she has dropped the use of her middle name for this registration.

Link to the search resources used in this blog: