daBlog-14-Introduction to research aimed at extending the Tulloch family in Tasmania

For this blog I will use the following extracts and record the process I used to extend this family. Two entries in the Shetland Newspaper Births for a daughter and a son born in 1884 and 1885 listed from Tasmania. Why would someone list these from Tasmania.

  • At Braeside, Lanceston, Tasmania, on the 12th April, the wife of LINDSAY TULLOCH, Esq., of a daughter. (Shetland Times 7/6/1884)
  • At Launcestown, Tasmania, Australia, on the 11th December, 1885, Mrs LINDSAY TULLOCH, of a son. (Shetland Times 13/2/1886)

First, I carried out a check on the Shetland database that did show a Lindsay Tulloch born in Tasmania and married to Jane Innes Logie MacBeath, but no children. I then listed a request on the Roots Web message board for Tasmania. Within a few hours I had received three replies. One a personal email giving a website with details and images of Jane Innes Logie Tulloch with her two daughters, the link to this page is given at the end of this blog. The second was a message giving a link to a will made by Lindsay Tulloch - I will cover this in another blog and another to a lenthy obituary on Lindsay Tulloch.

Launceston Family Album

The goal for producing the Launceston Family Album was to discover the stories behind the names and portraits of 1179 people who held passports to attend the Tasmanian International Exhibition of 1891-1892.

A search of the album showed four people with the name Tulloch. The first was James Tulloch, the grandfather, Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch the mother and two daughters Jean Macbeth Tulloch and Maggie Innes Logie Tulloch. This was a good start, I now had two children and as a bonus a portrait of all four Tullochs.

When I clicked on a photograph I was given an extract from the Laurenson Examiner for 2005. The extract provided a lot of information that would help with the other searches. I will now give these extracts for James Tulloch, Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch and her two daughters.

Captain James Tulloch

He was born on 9 Sep 1810 in the Shetland Isles, Scotland. He married Margaret Nicholson on 15 Dec 1842 at Northmaven, Shetland Isles. The family came to Launceston in the early 1850s, but afterwards went to Melbourne where they lived at Emerald Hill for some time. Captain Tulloch sailed trading vessels between Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney for many years. He was in command of the brig Mercury for over 20 years. He was a member of the executive committee of the Benevolent Society and an umpire for the Tamar regattas.

He died from paralysis aged 85 on 15 Oct 1896 at 'Braeside'. His obituary described him as "an old Launceston citizen who was as much respected as his figure was familiar." See The Examiner 24 Dec 2005, p. 31.

Mrs Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch

She was born about 1858, the youngest daughter of Andrew Macbeth of Lerwick, Shetland Islands. Jeannie married Lindsay Tulloch, son of James Tulloch (1810-1896), on 6 Sep 1882 at 'Zetland', St James' Park, Hawthorn, Victoria. Lindsay and his brother Christopher established the importing and manufacturing agents firm, Lindsay Tulloch & Co. in Cimitiere Street, Launceston, in 1878.

Jeannie and Lindsay had two sons and five daughters between 1884 and 1894; but both boys died when young. The two eldest girls, Maggie and Jean, are pictured in the Family Album. Jeannie's father-in-law James Tulloch is also in the Album. The other children were recorded as Lindsay Gordon, Lindsay Hallowes, Charlotte Mary, Heather and Dorothy.

Lindsay died at Mount Saint Evins Private Hospital, Victoria, on 20 Sep 1918. Jeannie died in Launceston aged 74 on 28 Jun 1932 and was interred at Evandale. See The Examiner 24 Dec 2005, p. 31.

Jean Macbeth Tulloch

She was born 2 Oct 1887, the third child of Lindsay Tulloch and his wife Jeannie Macbeth. Jeannie was the youngest daughter of Andrew Macbeth of Lerwick, Shetland Islands. Jean was four years old when she attended the Exhibitionwas in 1891. She married Harold Brock on 4 Jul 1918 and their first child, Judy, (Jean Georgina?) was born in Oct 1919 at Stoke Street, Hobart. Their two sons, Henry and Harold, were both killed in the Second World War.

They were living at 'Lawrenny', Hamilton, when Jean's father died in Sep 1918, but later moved to 'Meadowbank', Glenora. Harold died on 22 Jun 1941 aged 54, and Jean died on 23 Feb 1963, both in Hobart. They are both buried at St Luke's Church, Richmond. See The Examiner 24 Dec 2005, p. 31 for the story about her family.

Maggie Innes Logie (Meg) Tulloch

She was born in Launceston on 12 Apr 1884, the eldest of seven children of Lindsay Tulloch and his wife Jeannie Macbeth. Maggie married Charles Eaton Brown, of Zeehan, on 24 Nov 1910 at Chalmers Church, Launceston. They were living in Ulverstone when Maggie's father died in 1918. See The Examiner 24 Dec 2005, p. 31.

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