Using online Wills to extract names of the Tulloch family in Tasmania

Following a reply to a post on the Rootsweb Message Board for Tasmania I was given a link to this excellent resource - online photocopies of Wills. Here I will use it to search for Lindsay Tulloch and later his wife Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch. In later blogs I will use this resource for other members of the extended family.

Lindsay Tulloch - online search of his Will

For this blog I simply entered in the name Tulloch then Lindsay. At this stage I didn't know the date of the will. However, it returned only one result which happend to be for my Lindsay Tulloch. The result gives the date of the will, the reference number, page number and Will number. The Will number gives a link to photocopied pages of the will. For this search, I am only interested in finding out the names of other members of this family, the following were noted:

1. Son-in-law Allan Donald Mackinnon and grandson Allan Donald Lindsay Mackinnon.

2. Son-in-law Harold J. Brock.

3. Wife, Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch

4. Children other than Jeanie MacBeth Brock who has already been well provided for and has generously volunteered to give up any share of my estate.

5. Maggie Innes Logie Brown

Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch - online search of her Will.

Lindsay Tulloch's will provided some good material including the names of some of his children and more importantly the married names of three of the daughters. I will now turn to his wife, Jeannie Innes Logie Tulloch and see if I can find the names of the other daughters. Again, I simply entered Tulloch then Jeannie Innnes Logie in the search form. The result gave the married names of four of her daughters:

1. Maggie Innes Logie Brown

2. Charlotte Mary MacKinnon

3. Dorothy Evelyn Gibson

4. Heather Helen Dixon

Her fifth daughter Jeanie MacBeth Brock continued to be well provided for and didn't feature in the mother's will. I will now have a check in the Colonial Tasmanian family links database to see if I can find out more information about the two sons who died in infantcy.

Colonial Tasmanian family links database

Four daughters were recorded, only one by their first name, the others were simply shown as 'Tulloch F.' Sadly, the search also recorded the two sons, both of which died in infantcy. Their names are given below.

1. Tulloch, Lindsay Gordon b. 1885 d. 1886 Launceston, Tasmania

2. Lindsay Hallowes Tulloch, b. 1889, Launceston, Tasmania d. 1889, Launceston, Tasmania

Link to main resource used in this blog