Shetland Times birth announcements to tracing an extended family in Tasmania

The starting point for this research.

This research was prompted following the extraction of two entries in the Shetland Newspaper Births for a daughter born in 1884 and a son born in 1885 listed from Tasmania.

  • At Braeside, Lanceston, Tasmania, on the 12th April, the wife of LINDSAY TULLOCH, Esq., of a daughter. (Shetland Times 7/6/1884)
  • At Launcestown, Tasmania, Australia, on the 11th December, 1885, Mrs LINDSAY TULLOCH, of a son. (Shetland Times 13/2/1886)

Why would someone go to the expense of listing these birth notices in the Shetland times all the way from Tasmania? I have now spent some time tracing this family and have written a number of blogs dealing with specific aspects of the research. To confirm, I did manage to find the daughters names using the Rootsweb Message Board for Tasmania; they were Jean Macbeth Tulloch born in 1884 and Lindsay Gordon Tulloch born in 1885.

Lindsay Tulloch - a family tree

Lindsay Tulloch was born on the 6 May 1855, Launceston, Tasmania. He died on the 20 September 1918, at Mount Saint Evins Private Hospital,Victoria. His parents were Captain James Tulloch born on the 9 September 1810 and Margaret Nicolson born on the 19 January 1819, both from Northmavine, Shetland.

On the 6 September 1882, he married Jane Innes Logie MacBeath at Zetland, St James Park, Hawthorn, Victoria. Jane Innes Logie MacBeath was born on the 28 Augugust 1856, in Lerwick. Shetland and died in Launceston aged 74 on the 28 June 1932. Her parents were Andrew MacBeath born 1807 and Ann Innes Tulloch born 1812, both from Lerwick, Shetland.

1. Maggie Innes Logie (Meg) Tulloch....She was born in Launceston on 12 Apr 1884.

She married Charles Eaton Brown, of Zeehan, on the 24 November 1910 at Chalmers Church, Launceston, Tasmania.

2. Lindsay Gordon Tulloch....He was born on 11 December 1885, Launceston, Tasmania. He died in infantcy in 1886.

3. Jean Macbeth Tulloch....She was born on the 2 Oct 1887, York Street, Launceston, Tasmania. She died on 23 February 1963 in Hobart, Tasmania.

She married Harold Brock on the 4 July 1918

3.1. Jean Georgina Brock (Judy) was born in October 1919, and died at Stoke Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

She married Reginald Abbot Lewis who was born on the 28 December 1912, at Kew, Victoria.

Reginald James Lewis.

3.2. Henry James Brock was born on the 23 January 1922 and died during operations in Europe on the 27 Feb 1945.

3.3. Harold Eric Brock was born on the 9 August 1923 and died during operations in Europe on the 10 August 1944.

3.4. Meg Abbot Brock Lewis, died on the 21 February 1971 at 2 Mawhera Ave, Sandy Bay, Tasmania – she never married.

4. Lindsay Hallowes Tulloch....He was born in 1889 in Launceston, Tasmania and died in infantcy in 1889.

5. Charlotte Mary Tulloch....Date of birth unknown, she died on 14 November, Launceston.

She married Allan Donald Edgar Mackinnon on the 2 December 1915 in Chalmers Church, Launceston, Tasmania.

5.1. Allan Donald Lindsay Mackinnon was born on the 1 May 1916.

He married Deidre Giblin on 12 September 1942, Queensland. (Trove). She was born on 28 December 1912, at Kew, Victoria.

5.1.1. Donald Michael Mackinnon was born on the 26 October 1943.

5.1.2. Neil Giblin Mackinnon, was born on the 21 April 1947, Queen Victoria Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania.

5.1.3. Rosalind Mackinnon was born about 1945. Her husband's surname is Winspear.

5.2. Lindsay Neil Mackinnon was born on the 17 November 1919, Evandale, Tasmania. He died on the 7 July 1979 at Fairview, Cressy, Tasmania.

He married Kate Beresford Martin (Kitty), on 29 July 1949 at St.Andrews Church, Evandale. I have not been able to establish her date of birth. Her name was taken from a wedding notice.

5.2.1. Robert Lindsay Mackinnon.

5.2.2. A daughter, was born on the 9 October 1953 at Queen Victoria Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania.

5.3. Margaret Mary Mackinnon. She married Raynor Arthur.

5.4. Elizabeth Jean Mackinnon. She died on the 26 September 1975 at Campbell Town, Tasmania. She married David Taylor on the 22 March 1950 at Evendale, Tasmania, In her will she mentions two daughters, but not by name.

6. Dorothy Evelyn Tulloch....She was born about 1890.

She married John Vernon Gibson.

6.1. John Lindsay Gibson was born on the 12 November 1920, Pleasant Banks, Evandale, Launceston, Tasmania.

6.2. Alistair Charles Gibson was born on the 12 January 1922, Launceston, Tasmania.

6.3. Anthony Evelyn Gibson was born on the 16 September 1924, Launceston, Tasmania.

6.4. Richard Ian Gibson was

He married Susan Beresford Martin,

7. Heather Mary Tulloch....She was born about 1894. Her married name was Dixon.