Australia - World War 2 Nominal Roll - search using name

An online database that provides basic information on all those who were enlisted in the Australian Armed Forces. It can be accessed using this link Australia World War 2 Nominal Roll

For this blog I will search the database using the person’s name. First I will show the search form, then the results from that search. Finally, I can select the link on any of the names and be given further information about their service.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - Search
Figure 1 – Search form using Name

In Figure 1, I show the basic search form. For this example I have used the name Brock. I know that he was a member of the RAAF but have left it to search all Services. Also, since Brock is not a common name I haven’t enter a first name, initials or date of birth.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - First result
Figure 2 – Result of Search for the surname Brock

In Figure 2, I show the result of a search for the surname Brock. The two brothers that I am looking for are the only RAAF entries and the only two from Hobart, Tasmania.

I researched the Brock family when preparing my series of blogs based on the extended families of Lindsay Tulloch. A search of the World War 2 database provided me with a reliable date of birth. Unfortunately, as we will see, it also provided the dates when they were killed in action.

I can select any of these records by taking the link on one of the names. Here I will link to Harold Eric Brock’s record.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - Final result
Figure 3 – Individual record for Harold Eric Brock

Figure 3 above provides a lot of information. Here I have his service number and date of birth. I can also see that his next of kin is listed as his mother. For service information I see he was a Warrant Officer in 455 Squadron, RAAF and was killed in August 1944. A day after his 21st birthday.

Link to the World War 2 website that provides these databases: