Australia - World War 2 Nominal Roll - search using place

An online database that provides basic information on all those who were enlisted in the Australian Armed Forces. It can be accessed using this link Australia World War 2 Nominal Roll

For this blog I will search the database using a place. First I will show the search form and the initial result from that search. I will then select a link on the place of birth and be given list of names. Finally, if appropriate, I will select one of the names to obtain further information about their service.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - Lerwick - Search
Figure 1 – Search by place and initial result

In Figure 1, I have selected outside Australia, then entered the place, Lerwick. When I press search, I am given a list of responses. Notice that the database records are quite specific i.e. Shetland Island is stored separately from Shetland Islands and Shetland Isles. For this blog I am going to choose the 13 records against Lerwick, Scotland.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - First result for Lerwick
Figure 2 – 13 records for Lerwick, Scotland

The list in Figure 2, is similar to that shown in the blog Australia – World War 2 Nominal Roll – search using name However, for this search I was interested in the name Ramsay (my parental grandmother’s name). I struck it lucky – Basil James Ramsay b.1898 is a first cousin once removed while John Charles Ramsay b.1910 is a fourth cousin once removed.

World War 2 Nominal Roll - Final result Basil James Ramsay
Figure 3 – Service record for Basil James Ramsay

In Figure 3 I have shown the service record for Basil James Ramsay. The additional information I find here shows that his next of kin was Doris Ramsay (not his mother’s name), therefore a likely marriage. Also the Locality and Place of Enlistment allowed me to direct further research focussed on South Australia.

This example shows the power and opportunity of being able to have search options like place. I have been able to use this more widely for Shetland and rewarded with several marriages!!!

Link to the World War 2 website that provides these databases: