Australian War Museum service records

An online database that provides information on those who were killed in action in the Australian Armed Forces during World War 2. It can be accessed using this link Australian War Museum service records

For this blog I will search the database using the name Harold Eric Brock who I have already established was killed in 1944. (see blog Australia – World War 2 Nominal Roll – search using name).

Australian War Museum - Search
Figure 1 – Search for Harold Eric Brock

In Figure 1, I have entered is name, the unit name – 455 and the conflict from a drop down menu. On pressing the search button I am given an intermediate result – just one record found. Selecting that link I am given further information as shown below.

Australian War Museum result 1
Figure 2 – The Roll of Honour entry for Harold Eric Brock

In Figure 2, we are given information about the place and cause of death, also the cemetery details. In another section of the page there is often a link to further information regarding the operation.

The next two images provide this information.

Australian War Museum result 2 Australian War Museum result 3

Link to the Australian War Museum website that provides these databases: