Shetland Islands DNA - Genealogy Project

The first objective of this project is to explore the rich cultural heritage of the Shetland Islands .

A second objective is to use both the DNA and genealogical evidence to help Shetlanders find answers to questions about their ancestry.

Thirdly, it is hoped that the data emerging from the present inquiry will shed light on the apparent migration of people from Central Asia to Scandinavian and ultimately Shetland prior to the Viking era.
Source: David Faux

I have subscribed to the DNA project and now know that my ancestors came from Asia , through Russia and Norway , eventually to Shetland. My reasons for supporting this project are twofold:

First is that it will provide a database that future generations can use, and

Second, the fact that David has obtained a good rate from the firm chosen to do the testing - combined with the present favourable exchange rate.

This is the link to David's site