Our Shetland

Planning a visit to Shetland, or want to "see" some of the areas in Shetland?

  1. Visit Shetland - The official site for Shetland Tourism....This must always be a first stop - you could even say a one-stop-shop. It has major sections on About Shetland, See & do, Area guides, Events and Plan and book. This is where you can search their database for accommodation. It also gives links to other Shetland website of interest, including a link to their range of webcams.

  2. Bobby Tulloch....The website "features images from the Bobby Tulloch Collection. The collection was donated to the Old Haa Trust by his surviving family and reflects Bobby's passion for nature. This site is a memorial to a man held in high regard by those who knew him and gives the images a global audience." This is a fabulous resource, with images of wildlife and fauna from around Shetland.

  3. Images of Shetland....A selection of digital photographs taken by myself during a short visit to Shetland in 2004. I hope to expand this section following a planned visit in July this year.

  4. Hugh Harrop Wildlife Photography....This is a personal website for Hugh Harrop Wildlife Photography. It gives details of courses he has planned for 2013. My main reason for including this website is the stunning images of Shetland Wildlife and Migration.

  5. Shetland Islands Council....This is the main portal to the Shetland Island Council. Keep up to date with the developments in Shetland together with the many services they provide. You can also download Ferry timetables and fares in separate pdf files.

  6. Shetland Heritage....While the focus of the site is on Shetland Heritage there is some overlap with the Visit Shetland site. Not a bad thing, but it does include Visitor Attractions and the downloads a series of themed brochures. Good sections on Geographic locations, Cultural heritage and Natural heritage.

  7. Nature in Shetland....The focus of Nature in Shetland is clearly aimed at bird life. With various bird related sections, the Shetland Bird Club and the Fair Isle Bird Observatory.

  8. Shetlink....The online communication for the community in Shetland. It covers Shetland news, Shetland arts, The Shetland Times, Shetland Island Council, Shetland sport, Other Shetland news, with Upcoming events, a Classifieds section and an active Forum.

  9. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland....I tried typing in Shetland into the search box in the header and was given a list of 319 sites in Shetland. There is a lot of information regarding the RCAHMS work.

  10. Panoramic and Composite Photography....Another commercial website "Specialists in Panoramic and Composite Photography. It is included here because of the beautiful images of Shetland when given a panoramic treatement. Select the Area, then link through images for that area.